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2022 Strata® CGX™ Lupulin Pellets

2022 Strata® CGX™ Lupulin Pellets

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Strata CGX


Passionfruit, strawberry, grapefruit, rock concert cannabis and dried chili peppers. Strata’s hypnotic aroma and flavors are already breaking new ground in the hop-driven craft beer world, and the full depth of hop character that T90 Strata pellets have introduced is now complimented by a concentrated cryogenic lupulin pellet option—Strata® CGX™. CGX pellets have roughly twice the concentration of hop resins compared to T90 pellets, resulting in reduced vegetative matter and improved efficiency. However, because certain desirable hop oil components are removed and others amplified in the CGX pellet, the flavor and aroma contributions from CGX differ from that of Strata T90. Therefore when using CGX, it’s crucial to use a foundation of T90 Strata to maintain the full flavor spectrum. Optimum ratios will vary, but in aggressively hopped beers, we recommend 15-25% of T90 replaced by half that amount by weight of CGX.

Usage guide: https://indiehops.com/hops/strata-cgx/#notes-by-style