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HopFlow Flowable C02 Hop Extract
HopFlow Flowable C02 Hop Extract

HopFlow Flowable C02 Hop Extract

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The demand for an easy-flowing CO2-Extract which flows well enough to be dosed at low temperatures has now been met with the creation of HopFlow.

HopFlow is a user-friendly form of C02-Extract that contains all α-acids and essential oils. HopFlow is especially noteworthy for having been stripped of all vegetative matter, which means there is less sediment and more beer. Both the hop oil content and its composition remain virtually unchanged by the HopFlow manufacturing process. Moreover, the formation of iso-alpha acid as a result of possibly being subjected to excessively high temperatures can be avoided by implementing the use of HopFlow, allowing for quicker pours and better overall efficiency.

Hopflow is a free flowing, user friendly hop extract containing alpha acids, beta acids, and essential oils. Hopflow is produced from CO2 Hop Extract from which a large portion of the beta acids have been removed, making for a liquid that is pourable at room temperature. Hopflow can be used to partially or entirely replace leaf hops or hop pellets in the kettle, helping reduce beer losses by reducing the volume of trub.


  • Bitterness
  • No heating required
  • Flexibility for dosing

Usage & Methods 

  • Typically added early in the boil for bitterness, yielding the highest level of isomerization of the alpha acids. With a boil time of at least 50 minutes, the expected isomerization is 32-38% Long boil times will result in volatilization of most of the aromatic compounds
  • Late boil additions will offer lower levels of bitterness but will preserve more of the aromatic oils that contribute to late kettle hop flavor and aroma
  • Measure by weight to the desired grams of alpha acids and pour into brew kettle. Variability in density makes volumetric measurements somewhat error prone

Notes & Suggestions

  • It is best to add extract no earlier than 10 minutes after the beginning of the boil so that hop acids are not entrained in the coagulating wort proteins, reducing efficiency
  • It is best to add no later than 10 minutes before the end of boil to assure complete mixing and to avoid having an “oil slick” of extract floating on top of the wort
  • Isomerization of alpha acids will vary depending on brewing equipment, original gravity and wort pH.
  • Brewers who are operating at high altitude where the temperature of the boil is significantly below 212°F (100°C) will find that PIKE is more readily soluble and has better utilization than HopFlow

Package & Storage

  • Standard packaging is a flowable liquid packed in poly jugs containing 1.4 Kilograms of alpha acids
  • HopFlow stored in sealed containers at temperatures <50°F (10°C) is best used within 4 years from the date of packaging. Open containers should be used within 3-4 weeks
  • https://www.hopsteiner.com/hopflow/