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2022 UK Bullion

2022 UK Bullion

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UK Grown

Sister selection to Brewer’s Gold, Bullion was first bred in 1919 at Wye College, England and originates from a wild hop cutting sourced from Manitoba, Canada. It was officially released in 1938.

Bullion features many of the same brewing traits as its sibling with flavors of dark fruit and elements of spice arising from its use as a mid to late addition. Its bitterness is considered by some to be slightly coarse.

Though once popular in professional brewing circles, it, like it’s sister, has had it’s production capacity slashed in favor of super-alpha varieties with greater bittering potential and greatly increased storage stability. It features high alpha acids and an incredibly high yield but is susceptible to many, if not most, viruses.

Alpha - 6.7% - 12.9%

Descriptions provided by the awesome Hopslist.com