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2023 US Experimental 2B

2023 US Experimental 2B

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US grown

Experimental 2B has a clean, citrus-forward profile with hints of lime zest, melon and pine resin and a high aroma impact of apple and pear. This hop can stand alone or be paired up to increase the layered, rich range.

Lot Number EXP23W339
Characteristics Lime zest, lemon, pine resin, apple, pear
Usage Dual
Alpha Acid 11.2%
Beta Acid 5.37%
Co-Humulone 22.1
Total Oil 1.82% mL/100g
Myrcene --
Humulene --
Caryophyllene --
Farnesene --
Substitutes --
Style Guide IPAs, Pale Ales, NEIPAs
Storage Index .29