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2022 US Exp. ID-158 T90 Pellets

2022 US Exp. ID-158 T90 Pellets

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US Grown

This is a new hop variety from Jackson Farms in Wilder, ID who brought us Idaho-7 Hops. ID-158 Hops offer the combo of citrus and stone fruit, but with the subtle flavors of honey, apple, and vanilla.

Characteristics Sweet Fruit and Citrus
Usage Aroma
Alpha Acid 13.21%
Beta Acid 5.58%
Co-Humulone 22.9%
Total Oil 2.28 mL/100g
Substitutes Azacca, El Dorado, Cashmere
Style Guide IPA, pale ale, NEIPA, hoppy beer styles
Storage Index 0.310 HSI