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2023 NZ Pacifica

2023 NZ Pacifica

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Bred in New Zealand, triploid aroma hop Pacifica, or Pacific Hallertau as it is sometimes known, is the result of open pollination breeding of German hop Hallertauer Mittelfrüher. The hop was released by HortResearch, New Zealand following promising brewing trials in 1994.

Like Hallertauer Mittelfrüher, Pacifica is mostly known for its aromatic properties. It features moderately low cohumulone and higher carophyllene, which give it a spicy and decidedly floral aroma. Citrus notes are also evident and it is said to impart aromas of orange when used late in the boil.

Sierra Nevada brewery debuted Pacifica in their Southern Hemisphere Harvest fresh hops ale in April of 2014 featuring it as a bittering addition alongside Southern Cross and Motueka as its finishing hops.

Alpha 5%-6%

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