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2023 FR Triskel

2023 FR Triskel

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Developed in France in 2006, Triskel is a cultivar of the French hop, Strisselspalt and English varietal, Yeoman. With a more pronounced nose than its French parent, Triskel makes a unique first wort alternative and its notable aroma qualities make it well suited as a late addition or for dry hopping. Highly desired for Belgian-style or lighter ales, it features and elegant combination of both floral and subtle fruity notes with some citrus.

Triskel, Bouclier and Aramis are the first three officially registered varieties born of the Alsace hop sector’s varietal research program. All three varieties were created in an ongoing effort to increase the alpha percentage of Strisselspalt while maintaining its prized aroma profile.

Alpha 8%-9%

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