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2021 US Experimental USDA-008

2021 US Experimental USDA-008

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US grown


Nugget is 008's mother and was crossed with another experimental male. 008 was selected from the Elite growing line during Hopsource that was hosted by the Brewers Association at Yakima Valley Hops.

Flavor & Aroma Profile

USDA 008 is a dual-purpose hop that can be used in all hop additions throughout the brewing process.

USDA 008 is very fruit-forward with tangerine, meyer lemon, and stonefruit. There is a nice backdrop of fresh pine that makes it complex in a classic west coast IPA kind of way. Notes of green apple, peach, and mango are rounded out with grassy and subdued earth characteristics. A great choice for adding a new dynamic to West Coast IPAs and hoppy/hazy pale ales.

Alpha Acid % (AA)
Alpha acids are the main source of bitterness in beer. Longer boil times will result in isomerization of more alpha acids leading to increased bitterness. Learn more »

10.6% avg
Beta Acid %Beta acids are a component of hop resins responsible for contributing volatile aromatic and flavor properties. Beta acids contribute no bitterness. 2.7-3.3%

3% avg
Alpha-Beta RatioThe ratio of alpha to beta acids dictates the degree to which bitterness fades during aging. 1:1 ratios are common in aroma varieties. 3:1 - 4:1

4:1 avg
Hop Storage Index (HSI)The HSI indicates the percent of alpha and beta acids lost after 6 months of storage at room temperature (68°F or 20°C). 32% (Fair)

Co-Humulone as % of AlphaLow cohumulone hops may impart a smoother bitterness when added to the boil as opposed to higher ones that add a sharper bitterness to the final beer. Learn more » 25-26%

25.5% avg
Total Oils (mL/100g)These highly volatile, not very soluble oils are easily boiled off, but add flavor and aroma to the finished beer when added very late in the boil or during fermentation. Learn more » 1.6-1.7 mL

1.7mL avg