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2022 US HBC 472

2022 US HBC 472

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US grown

HBC 472 was bred and developed through the
Hop Breeding Company (HBC) in the Yakima
Valley, Washington and is the result of the open
pollination of a wild American hop known as the
subspecies neomexicanus. The uniqueness of the
flavor characteristics HBC 472 gives to beer has
generated a great deal of interest in this cultivar
among brewers. This special hop is truly one of
a kind with considerable potential.

The aroma of the HBC 472 hop cones consists
of floral, woody, earthy, and coconut. In beer this
hop delivers a surprising fruity note along with its
distinctive “472 coconut-woody character.” When
hopped aggressively in IPA style beers, citrus and
grapefruit aromas rule, but a fascinating whiskey/
bourbon and coconut character breaks into the
background, especially evident in darker, maltforward
beers. The robust character of this hop
lends well to full flavor beer styles such as pale
ales, IPAs, porters, stouts and barrel-aged beers.

Additional descriptors include woody/coconut
and in beer, a distinctive whiskey/bourbon note.