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2021 US Contessa (Exp. 04190)

2021 US Contessa (Exp. 04190)

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2019 US Contessa (Exp. 04190)

Alpha: 2.4%

Aroma: Light Pear, Floral, Green Tea, Lemongrass

Recommended styles: pilsner, lager, lighter ales

Introducing the latest from the Hopsteiner breeding program - Contessa. A cross between a Fuggle and Cascade that has prevailed through disease resistance and growing criteria to make its commercial debut.

With higher beta to alpha acids, we knew right away that this was no ordinary hop. Contessa (X04190) presents several similar qualities to that of traditional German noble hop varieties, but is grown right here in the US. Contessa gives pleasant floral, light pear, green tea, and lemongrass notes with smooth, well-rounded bitterness.