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2022 US HBC 431

2022 US HBC 431

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US Grown

HBC 431 has commercial potential as a high
flavor, high alpha hop variety developed through
the HBC breeding program, but she has very
little known family history. HBC 431 is a result of
the open pollination of a mother with unknown
ancestry, and open pollination means the identity
of the father is also unknown. The variety is
characterized by having numerous small, dense
cones with distinctive aroma and high alpha
acids. The variety yields and processes well.

The aroma of HBC 431 is a complex assortment
of fruits accompanied by earthy and herbal
aromas. Its fruity character has been described
as peaches, berries, and tropical fruits. The fruity
character of the hop follows through into beer
along with much of the citrus, herbal, and earthy
notes. HBC 431 is well-suited for just about any
style of beer that aims to deliver fine fruity aroma.
The hop also provides good bitterness potential.

Fruity descriptors include peaches, berries,
tropical fruit.