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The 5 Most Requested Hops of 2017

The numbers for the year are in...

We sat down and figured out the most requested hops for 2017 and found some interesting trends.

First off, the fact that Galaxy and Citra are the two top contenders should come as no surprise to anyone. These two hops are still at the top of the hop bill for everything from Hazy's to IPA's to Pales.

Coming in right behind is Mosaic. Together with Citra and Galaxy, Mosaic rounds out the holy hop trinity of the Northeast IPA style.

 The two final contenders are Idaho 7 and El Dorado. Surprisingly, these two hops have now edged past Simcoe and Amarillo in the top 5.

The flavor and aroma profiles of Idaho 7 and El Dorado lean more tropical than the citrus and piney notes of Amarillo and Simcoe. Perhaps the tropical notes of these two new-comers lend themselves better to the juicy and fruity Hazy and Milkshake styles of IPA's that seems to be taking craft by storm.

And if early indications for 2018 mean anything, look for Idaho 7 and El Dorado to continue being in the top requested hops for the foreseable future.