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New and Unique: Salt Spring Island Ales’ Creme Brûlée Vanilla Stout

We get to sample a lot - it kind of goes with the territory. So it sometimes takes something unique to make us sit up and remember just how innovative, original, and adventurous the craft brewing industry truly is!  This blog series explores some of these innovative beers.  

We love our good friends at Salt Spring Island Ales and are especially crazy about their Creme Brûlée Vanilla Stout.   This year’s version, brewed by our friend brewmaster Tim Rennie, is the best version we’ve had of this delicious seasonal.  

This stout pours and drinks like a dessert, with graham cracker and vanilla on the nose, and a nice dark, creamy, and slightly bitter finish.  

This stout is brewed with organic malt and organic vanilla beans.  The rich sweetness of the malt and vanilla easily disguise the 8% ABV, so drink with caution...  :)

This amazing stout is an amazing winter treat and makes a great host gift     Available from the brewery at www.saltspringislandales.com or from most BC liquor stores.