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New and Unique: Old Abbey's Beets By Steve

We get to sample a lot - it kind of goes with the territory.  So it sometimes takes something unique to make us sit up and remember just how innovative, original, and adventurous the craft brewing industry truly is!

Our current contender for the New and Unique title definitely goes to our friend Steve Black from Old Abbey Ales who developed this incredible fruit ale using Beets.   Based on his classic raspberry wheat ale, Steve substituted beets for the raspberries, and the rest is root vegetable history... 

This beautiful wheat ale pours a gorgeous beet root red, with very little head.   As beets are high in sugar, the natural taste of the beet sugar shines through, as well as a certain sourness and slight earthy tones.  

We love this beer for its delicious taste as well as its inventiveness.  Available at Old Abbey Ales, Abbotsford, BC: http://www.oldabbeyales.com/

 Update January 2018: Old Abbey Ales is being re-branded as Loudmouth Brewing.  We hear through the grapevine that Beets by Steve will still be on the menu board in the new brewery...