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New and Unique: Hathi Brewing's Mango Bango Hefeweizen

We get to sample a lot - it kind of goes with the territory. So it sometimes takes something unique to make us sit up and remember just how innovative, original, and adventurous the craft brewing industry truly is!  This blog series explores some of these innovative beers. 

Hathi Brewing is a start-up BC brewery with a great story with, as they put it, an Indian twist.  Drawing on their two founders' heritage, they have named their brewery after Hathi, the Punjabi/Hindu word for wise elephant.  Their branding is based on this imagery, and their creations draw on the tastes and smells of Indian culinary traditions. 

Until they have their own brick-and mortar location, they currently brew out of Ravens Brewing in Abbotsford, which is where you can also find their products on tap.    

Of their products, our favorite is their Mango Bango Hefeweizen.  While this beer is not necessarily new (they have been brewing this one for about a year), it is definitely unique, so we felt it fair to include in this blog series.

We first had this soon after it was launched around a year ago, but only recently tasted this again in the last couple weeks.  The first thing we noticed is that this pours far more hazy and juicy than we last remember.  Where before there was just a hint of mango, this iteration plays the mango juiciness harder, and really lives up to the expectation created by its name. 

We are big Hef fans, and this beer has the trademark banana and clove character of a typical hefeweizen.  This fruit and spice combo marries well with the mango juice and wheat notes of the beer itself.  The hazy juiciness is satisfying and this a super tasty well-rounded beer at 6.1%.  

Mango Bango is available on tap and bottles sales at Ravens Brewing in Abbotsford and at many liquor stores in BC.  We are excited about the Hathi story and looking forward to the launch of their own brewery as well as many more interesting Indian-inspired beers to come!


Photo credits: Hathi Brewing, John Briner