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New and Unique: Dead Frog's Mexican Chocolate Porter

We get to sample a lot - it kind of goes with the territory. So it sometimes takes something unique to make us sit up and remember just how innovative, original, and adventurous the craft brewing industry truly is!  This blog series explores some of these innovative beers. 

We love Dead Frog - one of our first tastes of craft brewing was Dead Frog's Brown Ale, and we have been hooked on the industry ever since.   So when Cole and Cam at Dead Frog introduced their Reina de Fuego Mexican Chocolate Porter, we knew we had to try it!

This is a rich, dark porter that drinks very smooth and sweet.  What makes this one really unique is that you get thick sweet chocolate and toffee upfront, but after a brief moment you get a nice warm chili pepper heat on the finish.   

This porter is brewed with actual Mexican chocolate so it comes by the chocolate and spicy finish honestly.  This is a delicious seasonal, and is available at the brewery in Aldergrove, BC (www.deadfrog.ca) and at most BC liquor stores.