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Provoak innovatively combines dry hopping and barrel aging. The perfect product for impressing your customers with barrel-matured beers that have great body and are lovely to drink.  Provoak gives you the special character of barrel maturity quickly and cost-efficiently. The multi-purpose pellets are easy to dose and can be used in both late-hopping and dry-hopping processes. There are no restrictions in terms of type of beer, alcohol content or color.

Provoak is a mixture of hops and wood that comes in pellet form. It’s made from a proprietary blend of hops and U.S. white oak that has been inspected to the highest food-quality standards. It’s used for both late hopping and dry-hopping in the same way you would use standard hop pellets.

AA: 3.5%


  • Sourced from hops and
    oak with various grades of
  • Application: in the whirlpool
  • (late hopping) or in cold process (dry hopping).
  • Shelf life: 5 years
    (when stored properly).