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2021 US Cryo Pop® Original Blend Pellets

2021 US Cryo Pop® Original Blend Pellets

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Yakima Chief Hops has pioneered the use of cutting-edge hop lab analysis techniques to create Cryo Pop® Original Blend – a hop blend with the power to add a true “pop” of aromas and flavors in beer. YCH’s R&D facility houses one of the only labs in the world with the capability to analyze previously undetectable aromatic components, allowing us to explore beer-soluble hop compounds that survive the harsh brewing process.

We utilize this data to carefully select hop varieties that are loaded with these compounds, helping brewers bridge the gap between raw hop aroma and finished beer. Combined with our industry leading Cryo Hops® production process, we have engineered a supercharged pellet blend packed with the most effective aromatic components. Formerly known as trial blend TRI2304CR, Cryo Pop® Original Blend delivers massive tropical, stone fruit and citrus aromas into your finished beers.

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