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2022 US Vanguard

2022 US Vanguard

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US Grown

Vanguard hops possess a unique acid profile. They feature a somewhat rare balance of low alpha acid and high beta acid and an oil profile dominated by high levels of humulene and yet very low levels of cohumulone.

Despite exhibiting some similarities to Hallertau Mittelfrüh, surely as a result of their close lineage, this unusual profile gives Vanguard a pronounced woody and herbal character atop a definitive spiciness. The spicy quality is suggested to be particularly evident when Vanguard is used as an early addition.

Vanguard was the final Hallertau-derived variety to come out of the USDA’s hop breeding program and were released to the brewing world in 1997 after a long 15 years of development and testing. They are grown principally in the US and are considered great for adding a European-style aroma component to German-style beers.

Alpha 4.40%-6%

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