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2022 PL Izabella

2022 PL Izabella

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Basic characteristics:

  • alpha acids: 4,7-6%
  • beta acids: 2,3%
  • cohumulone: 1,5%
  • total oil: 1,3 ml / 100 g
  • myrcene: 54,4%
  • humulene: 18,0%
  • caryophylene: 8,7%

Pedigree: Lubelski and Yugoslavian male

Developed back in 1988 in the same programme as Marynka, when big players wanted to have more high-alpha varietes. Farming was ceased since Izabellas bittering potential was too low. When we started searching for remaining plants it was even deleted from polish variety catalogue. Citrusy and fresh aroma variety.

How does it smell like?

Citrusy, Piney