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2023 NZ Wai-iti

2023 NZ Wai-iti

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A truly modern triploid hop, Wai-iti brings forth a fresh splash of lime and stone fruit. It was released to brewers in 2011 alongside Kohatu by New Zealand Plant & Food Research and features higher beta acids than alpha acids, low cohumulone and robust oil content.

Its heritage consists of notable varieties Hallertauer Mittelfrüh as a 1/3 parent and Liberty as its grandparent. Despite its low alpha content, low cohumulone and high farnesene would suggest a soft bitterness and potential suitability for single-hopped beers.

When brewed as a mid-late addition, Wai-iti’s citrus aromas are said to take a back seat and make way for more of a stone-fruit presence. Wai-iti has been suggested by some as being similar to Riwaka yet more smooth and rounded.

Alpha 2.5%-3.5%

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